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One of our jobs has some kind of flexibility option part-time schedule or a flexible or flextime schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

How will creating a profile on ALMServicesz help me? or Do I need to create a profile if I am only interested in applying to some jobs?

Yes, definitely! Creating a profile with ALM Servicesz gives you these advantages: 1. One-click apply to Jobs: In future, jobseekers can use their registered email ID and password to login to ALM Servicesz and apply to jobs with a single click. 2. Employers can search for you: There are Employers who prefer to look for matching candidates in ALM Servicesz CV database. Once you create your profile on ALM Servicesz you become searchable by these Employers thus opening newer ways of getting Jobs. 3. Get Jobs matching your profile: Jobseekers also receive jobs matching their profile on their registered Email ID. If you login to our iOS or Android app, you will receive timely notifications for the latest posted jobs matching your profile. 4. Login to the mobile site and apps for jobs on the go: You can login to our desktop site as well as the mobile site, iOS and Android apps with the login and password that you generated. Now, you can update your profile on the go and apply to unlimited jobs.

What is ALM Servicesz database or ALM Servicesz CV database?

- It is a repository of profiles of all the candidates who are registered with ALM Servicesz. - A profile contains data filled and CV uploaded during registration or profile update. - Candidate can register on ALM Servicesz through any platform (desktop website, mobile website) to make their profile part of it. - Benefit: Everyday thousands of employers search through ALM Servicesz database for relevant candidates. So if a candidate's profile is part of it, he/she may get contacted by employers even without applying to any job.

Do I need to pay any amount for registering with ALM Servicesz or applying to jobs?

Registering with ALM Servicesz and creating a profile is for just $2. Once you register with ALM Servicesz, you are automatically added to the ALM Servicesz CV database and can apply to unlimited jobs.

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ALM is a global, Business Consultant Service focused on helping employers find, hire and manage great talent. ALM leads the industry in recruiting solutions, employment screening and human capital management.

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